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Grooming set: Recreational gloves and...
GROOMING BOX - Recreation karitale shampoo soap
GROOMING BOX - Recreation karitale shampoo soap
GROOMING BOX - Recreation karitale shampoo soap

Grooming set: Recreational gloves and Karitale shampoo


Grooming box

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Ideal for Christmas, to offer or to offer to oneself, this boxed set grooming Racer x Karitale offers a real moment of well-being and relaxation to horses.

It is composed of Racer's Récréation gloves and Karitale's classic solid shampoo, 100% natural and made in France!

What does the box contain?

Made of a very resistant material, they massage your horses while removing the impurities embedded in the hair. Their pimples and technical pads placed in strategic areas naturally stimulate blood microcirculation and promote cell renewal and recovery, while reducing stress and tension. They eliminate dead hairs and unify your horse's coat, giving it a real glow!

- Ergonomics and multifunctionality (Relaxation, massage, grooming, shampooing)
- In-depth cleaning: Impurities removed
- Pleasant massage promoting relaxation of your horse
- Well-being: Relief of tensions and reduction of stress
- Guaranteed flexibility allowing to pass on the sensitive zones
- Shine and blow of brightness by removing the dead hairs
- Practical: Keep the hands clean during the grooming!

100% natural product, made in France and by hand.

- Cleans gently while respecting the pH of the skin
- Soothes itching
- Helps to fight against dandruff

Directions for use :

Wet the hair and manes with the solid shampoo and then apply by massaging with the Récréation gloves. It is not necessary to rub abundantly with the shampoo, it is enough to pass it on the hair to deposit some, then to rub with the pair of gloves Récréation.

Keep out of reach of children.
Should not be used by pregnant women.
Let the shampoo dry after use.
External use.
Do not expose to high heat or humidity.

Gloves can be cleaned using mild soap and a damp cloth. Avoid dry cleaning, machine washing and tumble drying. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


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