Identify a victim


Informing your relatives


Access to your medical file

ID1® is a dematerialized medical record.

By flashing a QR code, health professionals and emergency services can access all your information without delay.

Thanks to the ID1® application, data management is done by the user himself and all health professionals.

This ensures optimal monitoring and helps prevent risks.
It is the only service in France that is supported by the French National Federation of Firemen (in addition to having received the Preventica prize this year).

In addition, the platform can be translated into several languages, which can facilitate care abroad.
*Note: This service only works in Metropolitan France.

How do I get my ID1 tag?

Following the purchase of your RACER® COMMAND GTX and TOURER PRO GTX gloves, you are entitled to your ID1® tag specially designed for our gloves* by filling out the form below. If you have a SPRINT ID1, the ID1® tag is already integrated to your gloves, the registration and the activation of your medical file is done directly on this site.