- Never store your gloves in your helmet, in a bag, or in an airtight box. Moisture will cause mold and mildew to grow.

- Never tumble dry or machine wash your products and do not dry clean.

- Never turn your gloves inside out.


- For the inside of the gloves, we advise you to spray a deodorizing spray either like those used for shoes, or based on water and essential oil.

- For the outside, clean regularly with a brush, a damp sponge, and mild detergents (such as Marseille soap).


- Always allow your equipment to air dry after use.

- Let it dry naturally or with a ski boot dryer.

- Avoid drying in the sun or with a direct heat source (heating, chimney, engine...) which will damage the different materials.

Please note

- Never squeeze.

- You can use a spray of waterproofing on your gloves, this improves the resistance of the outer material to water and dirt.

- For leather gloves only, it is possible to apply a small amount of milk (such as baby milk) with a soft cloth to nourish the leather, keep it supple and prevent it from drying out prematurely.