At Racer, we believe that confidence is the key to progressing and living your passions to the fullest. We devote our energy to creating with precision the clothing and protections of tomorrow, whatever the morphology and movements, to allow men and women to practice their passions with a free mind and an agile body. Always more respectful of people and environments, we work for a protection that encourages exploration. We combine high protection, intense emotion and elegance.

Our mission is to protect people and their environment without restricting freedom of action


Sustainable development

RACER is B certified

Membre du global
compact des nations unis

Programme de solidarité
sociale et environnementale

Certified B Corporation

The story began about 18 months ago with the desire to validate a company ethic, but above all to be in line with our actions and our policy, our social, societal and environmental objectives.

We have always devoted our energy to creating products that allow people to practice their activities with a free mind and an agile body, while always being respectful of people and the environment. We want to go further and further to be in accordance with our raison d'être:

"Protecting people and reassuring minds"

We worked hard with our partners and teams to make sure we were right, and our efforts were rewarded! This is not an end in itself, but an encouragement to stay the course and always do better. To continue to work at our level to preserve the world around us.

The choice of BCORP is the choice of a label that corresponds to us!


At RACER, we want to contribute to a better world by acting to advance the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 established by 193 countries at the United Nations. By acting on human and nature, RACER is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.

We are a company with a unique know-how that gives real importance to the sustainability of our products and actions. Thus, improving our environmental and social footprint is at the heart of our business model strategy.


This is the major issue at RACER. For the sake of our customers and their environment, we have decided to consider environmental issues when designing our products. We know that we have a lot to accomplish and we are ready to take up the challenge!

Responsible materials

We use raw materials from more responsible sources while maintaining the quality of our products.


Good news: our products are all repairable and we offer repair services adapted to them!

Limit of the plastic

We are committed to eliminating single-use plastics in our value chain


We are working to set up recycling channels for our products. Our R&D teams are doing everything possible to recycle our raw materials.


For our teams, one of the major challenges was to find leather that respected our ethics. Leather is considered a natural product of superior quality and a long-lasting material for gloves. We therefore chose to use leather as the outer material.

But not just any leather RACER is :

- Guarantee of no animal violence
- Guaranteed not to be farmed intensively
- Does not come from endangered animal species
- A fair remuneration for workers and producers
- A reduction of the impact of tanning and treatments. Tanning is a production step that makes the leather resistant. The problem is that some of the waste and waste water ends up in the surrounding rivers, polluting the soil and water. Therefore, we have chosen to work with more ethical tanneries, certified ISO 14 001, EMAS or Leather Working.
- 0 toxic waste

Social and environmental impact

Fully aware of the challenges ahead and the need to commit to designing a more inclusive and sustainable world of tomorrow, we have launched "Le cœur sur la main", a new social and environmental solidarity program. This is a philanthropic endowment fund designed to support associations in favor of the environment, medical research or sports, for example.


1€ is donated to the Fifty Fifty association for THE PACKER bag sold.

Fifty Fifty is an association whose objective is to act for women and children victims of violence, by allowing them to rebuild their lives through sport.

Fifty fifty association

Internal culture

Well-being at work

At RACER, we want every employee to be able to develop professionally. The well-being of each employee is an integral part of our corporate culture based on progress and performance. This is why each employee has a great deal of autonomy and responsibility. In addition, each employee is free to choose his or her own projects and missions in order to develop new skills and create new career opportunities. The key word at RACER: benevolence.

Quality of life at work

In addition, our employees are surveyed annually to take the pulse of the entire business regarding their engagement through the eNPS indicator. Highly engaged employees mean: dynamic work, better productivity and creative and innovative ideas!

An inclusive company

We value diversity in our teams (age, gender, nationalities...).