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Our application is available.

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Take control of RACER technology now and download the app.

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Since 1927, RACER has been committed to providing its users with the latest technical and technological innovations.  

Discover our new generation of connected heated gloves. 

Our latest IWARM 2.3 heating system with smart button equipped with Bluetooth technology is available on our latest generation of heated gloves.

With the launch of our RACER IWARM app, available on Apple and Android. stores, we are moving into a new digital era.

An experience in your image

Bluetooth technology

This makes it easy for the user to connect the heated gloves to their application and provides a unique experience.


Thanks to a freedom of customization, the user will be able to choose the color of the leds, for a result unique to his image.

Choice of temperature

The user will be able to define the desired heating temperature, for each hand, according to the different modes proposed.

An intelligent and transparent application

Full access to statistics

For each glove, observe the information gathered during each use, the charging time and their autonomy.


The user will have direct access with the RACER 1927 service, to ensure fast and efficient support in case of malfunction.

RACER is listening

By installing the application, users will benefit from the latest updates and possible bug fixes.

In addition, notifications will allow them to be informed of the latest innovations, promotions or RACER 1927 events.

Our raison d'être "to protect the bodies to reassure the spirits" is expressed once again through the application.

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