What should you do with your heating products' batteries during the summer?

The summer season is beginning and winter protective equipment, especially heated gloves, is no longer required. It's time to put them in storage and we are here to guide you with this task, in order to limit the risk of incidents and optimise the life of your batteries.

First of all you should know that LiPo batteries wear out with the cycles of use, just like smartphone batteries. After 100-150 cycles, your autonomy can decrease by 20-30% (an effect that is all the more significant depending on whether or not the user instructions are followed).

When you are about to store your heated gloves for a long period of time (for several weeks or more), it is important to:

·       Check that your batteries have no damage or deformation (swelling). In case of a problem or doubt, stop using your battery and recycle it.

·       Ensure your batteries are at a charge level between 30% and 50%. This level is reached when the indicator on your gloves flashes green.

·       Carry out a cycle of use (charge/discharge). Completely charge the batteries then discharge to the 30-50% level

·       Store your batteries in a location that is not subject to high temperature (<25°C). The lower the room temperature, the better the storage conditions (this is called Wintering)

·       Store your batteries in a metal or PVC box (this limits risk in the event of runaway, degassing or ignition)

 We advise you to avoid charging your batteries without first carrying out a visual inspection or in areas with low temperatures (<10°C). Only use the Racer charger to recharge your batteries. Our charger is sized to charge your batteries and thus guarantee maximum service life.

When your batteries are no longer usable (due to wear or deterioration), it is imperative to recycle them in an appropriate place (battery collection points or a recycling centre).

You can now fully enjoy your summer with your batteries in hibernation until winter temperatures return!