Even in the summer you have to protect yourself.

Summer, we look forward to it all year round!

However, it is often very hot (especially now) and it can be tempting to protect yourself less.

⚠️  Be careful, the sun does not protect from dangers, so it is essential to wear protections even in summer.

Ventilated gloves

To allow you to practice in the best conditions, we recommend you to choose specific, ventilated and ventilated gloves that nevertheless benefit from the best protection.

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In a two-wheeled sport, there is a real danger of falls. 

And falling on bitumen, in the forest or even on a pump track can hurt a lot!

However, it is not conceivable not to practice one’s passion, whether in leisure, in a daily way, or in a professional way.

That’s why our designers and product designers design and create ergonomic protections adapted to each season.

1. Protect your hands

As you know, we have been glovers since 1927, so we might as well tell you that for us hand protection is essential.

Outside of your sport, your hands are useful to you at every moment of your daily life, and when you fall, they are often the first to touch the ground. Wearing gloves will allow you to both protect them during your exploration but also during falls.

For the summer, choose gloves that are airy, light and ventilated that will not keep you warm but will provide protection.

2. Protect your body

Depending on your level and your practice, you can adapt your body protection.

We recommend elbow pads and knee pads, essential for cycling for example.

Our range will allow you to find the ideal product for you that will ensure you stay mobile, comfortable, with a good outfit.

RACER1927 protections coudières genouillères

An integral vest will ensure optimal protection on each part of your upper body: chest, back, elbow, shoulder.

RACER1927 protections coudières genouillères

Protective shorts will protect your hips, buttocks, coccyx and thighs. In mesh and lycra, it ensures good breathability and D3O reinforcements are present on the hips and thighs.

RACER1927 protections Profile Short 2

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